Day 82: Elephant Cat T-shirt

Silkscreening fun tonight!

So, things I learned from my silkscreening adventures:

1) start with a t-shirt I really like and want to wear even if there isn’t a design on it – I really just won’t wear a crappy t-shirt from the art supply store even if it only cost $3.99 US – putting a cat on the front doesn’t make me like it any more than I originally did

2) test run on a piece of fabric or old t-shirt is essential to find little imperfections in the glue that need to be taped

3) don’t get ink on the tape… that transfers to the t-shirt

4) I am not a one-swipe inker – it comes out too light for me, have to swipe at least twice

5) when I ink two shirts right in a row, need to swipe ink over the open screen to keep it from drying and blocking the flow of ink…

6) which then makes it impossible to see exactly where I’m placing the design on the second t-shirt because I’m looking at just a big smudge of ink on my side of the screen – gotta flip it over and mark some kind of points of reference with my fingers and flip it back and then set it down

Overall, I’m still fascinated by this silkscreening thing. Weird how different things capture different people’s interest. Thank goodness, eh? Or else we’d all be wearing only cat t-shirts!

  1. I LOVE the tee shirt and design…it came out beautifully!

  2. LilaLena said:

    Well, this one has definitely captured my interest. The ‘Elephant’ ist just incredibly cool! And I really like the look of the cat – almost creepy.
    And thanks for the tips, I’ll surely want to try this myself someday. :)

  3. Joyart said:

    It came out great! :) Can’t wait to see what is next! This is from joyart…

  4. Jenny said:

    OK, I know this was posted last year. Are you selling these? I would love to have one!

    • Hmmm, I saw your comment a week ago and have been pondering your question. I haven’t sold any but I would be willing to make and sell you one. You can email me at grubbygrrrl at gmail dot com & we can work out details. And thank you for your interest! :)

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