Dat 83: Instructions

The challenge I took today from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Creativity Journal” was to make instructions to do something and have someone try it out. I made the instructions. Now someone can try them out. I’ll report back when I find a participant or you can try it out & tell us how it went. Or if you have any tricks for medicating your cat.



  1. nuvofelt said:

    We don’t have a cat, but good instructions. Hope you find someone to try it.

    • Thank you! I am sure someone somewhere at some point will use it. :)

  2. Ange said:

    The third-last panel is my favourite!!!

    Years ago we had to give a cat some pills. Our method was very different, but,then again, my cat was relatively cooperative…..

    • Thanks! It’s one of my favorite secret delights, to hug and kiss kitties when they are mad. They don’t appreciate it, though! :) Glad to hear you had a nice kitty to give meds to.

  3. Mary said:

    Thanks for my morning chuckle! I can relate to this. I had to do this for my cat years ago and I followed most of those steps (except maybe for the hockey mask), but I didn’t have a cat piller, I had to use my fingers it took two of us. lol

    • Glad to provide a little smile! Somehow my fingers are too big – I feel like I’m a circus lion-tamer prying open their mouth wide enough to get a pill and my fingers in. And I’m too clumsy – the pill usually comes back out at me when I use my fingers. I feel like I spare my kitties by using the skinny Pet Piller. And kudos to you for being able to do it with your fingers! :)

  4. I’ve given my kitties of the past meds, but never in such a well executed manner…very cool. LOVE your humor grubby Grrrl!

    • Thanks! I don’t know that it really goes as smoothly as I drew, but I’m glad I created the illusion of competence. ;)

  5. melissa said:

    Love your comic instructions! I’ve completely given up on this pill-delivery method and simply grind the pills into a powder and sprinkle over food. It works until the other cats horn in on the Rx-laden dish…

    • That’s awesome to have cats willing to eat their medicine. Easiest of all! And as I was drawing my comics, I was totally thinking of yours and how I always read them and am left with a smile. Then I was wondering if you scanned yours or drew them digitally to get them on your blog. They look great. I obviously took the relatively low-tech route of photographing the paper, but it doesn’t look as sexy as yours do! :)

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