Day 89: Cat Jingle

“Cats cats so many cats
Looking for a home
Visit a shelter adopt a cat
You’ll never be alone”

The assignment I chose today from “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to write a jingle. So mine is to advocate for all the cats in shelters, sung to the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat.” (This is to spare you of having to hear me sing if I made up a tune or picked something obscure!) I probably wrote 6 or 7 versions and this was the one that worked best in my opinion.

I actually used the Dragon Dictation app to “write it.” For fun I sang a line of an Annie Lenox song to it “I look up to the little bird that flies across the sky” and it came out “I look to love the till more of that phone call Pesca” – What?! LOL!! Ok, they do call it Dragon Speak, not Dragon Sing so I don’t recommend singing/writing a jingle with Dragon Dictation/Speak.

Have a great day: pet a cat!


PS I also took two current photos of Day 40’s Nature Cat and posted them, FWIW.


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