Day 94: Sky Cat

So, I started out with the challenge from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” of trying to make something heavy seem light.  And I didn’t actually achieve that today, so you’ll see another post coming up with another attempt.  But I did take some neat photos of my cat Chaos Love and Joy Super Kitty. See if you can figure out how before you see the fifth and last photo, which gives away the technique.

The first photo is my favorite and “final answer,” but I post the others as “rejects.” (Early on I had a vote if people wanted to see versions of cats that didn’t work out and the vote was [surprisingly to me] “yes.”)

Special thanks to Grubby’s hubby for helping formulate the idea and assisting with cat posing via cat treat lures.

I think the last two especially give it away, but we sat Chaos on a mirror outside and fed him treats.  So in the photo below you can see the frame of the mirror, the top of my head and camera and my hubby’s hand holding a treat just to the left of my head. It was a beautiful blue sky with scattered clouds as we started this and clumps of clouds moved in within just a few minutes.  Oh well. I still like the first couple – I feel disoriented looking at them.

Isn’t he the cutest cat ever?! Okay, the toxoplasmosis seems to be acting up. I’ll calm down in a minute. =^.^=

  1. woa, this is soooo cute , its adorable, and such a good idea!!!

  2. LilaLena said:

    Argh! The first picture almost killed me – It should be illegal to look so cute!! ;D

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