Day 95: Powder room kitties

Not my favorite cats, but it’s one of those days where I’m happy I did a cat project at all. Today’s prompt from “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to make something using items found in the bathroom, bonus points for making it in the bathroom. So that’s what I did, using makeup and bracelets.






  1. Ange said:

    You continue to impress me with the different ways that you ‘see’ cats! :)

    • Thank you! It usually means I’m not happy if I keep trying different versions. And sometimes I surprise myself. :)

  2. Joyart said:

    Lots of variety! I like make-up kitty- very intriguing. Bathroom kitty is really funny. Did you leave him on the tank afterward?

    • He was on the edge of the sink. I cleaned him off to keep us from smudging makeup on our clothes. :)

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