Teaser Photos

John Holser of Digital Film Farm workshops is helping me with an upcoming project.  We didn’t finish today, but here are some  behind the scene photos of what we worked on.  More to come!

  1. Cindy said:

    I cannot wait to see what you are going to do :)….I like the teasers!

  2. Mary said:

    Ooo, I’ll be waiting.

  3. LilaLena said:

    Gosh! That looks like a huge project! I’m looking forward to the result.
    Great you’ve got such people around to help you! :)

  4. Joyart said:

    hmmmm. Cannot guess where this is going! Cool.

  5. Not sure this ended up as I wanted it to, but day 98 is going up. Perhaps the teasers build up TOO much anticipation.

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