Day 97: Imaginary Business Cards

I played around on Vista Print’s website today designing business cards for fun.

I couldn’t figure out how to color the white background where there wasn’t a photo, so I think I like the orange one best.  Also most of my photos are full of whichever cat and so too “busy” to have a lot of text. Another fun learning experience.

  1. Cindy said:

    I like the orange one and the last one “anitiqued flower. butterfly and bee”….cool ideas!

    • Thank you. I’m thinking after doing this, if I had a business card made up, I would like it to be more graphic, less photo. It’s all about learning, these 365 days! :)

  2. I’m blown away…I can’t believe you are doing this. Thistle had to calm me down, I got so excited. Chaos the Cat is one of the coolist things I have ever seen…diet must be working, he looks light and airy. Go for it Grubby Grrrl!!!!

    • Ha ha! Thank you Judith! Hugs to Thistle and you both :)

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