Day 98: Heavy Cat Seems Light

The challenge from Noah Scalin’s book that I took today, was to make something heavy seem light.  Chaos the cat is actually on a diet (so he’s heavy – ha ha!), so I brain stormed with John Holser ideas to make Chaos seem light and we came up with the idea of having him jump from one table to the other with a green screen behind him, then make it seem like he was flying.

John took the photo with a little help from me, and then I altered it in Photoshop Elements 10 with a little help from John.  This was actually a rather stressful project and really I’m just glad to be done with it.  I am NOT a Photoshop expert and I spent hours and many more frustrated hours fussing with this. Again, bless the experts in Photoshop, because working in it made me want to pull my hair out. I really get a lot more pleasure from creating something physical rather than digitally manipulating photos. Perhaps that will change in the future if I pursue more Photoshop training in the future? I doubt it, but who knows.

On the other hand, I rather ridiculously worship this cat, Chaos Love and Joy Super Kitty, and I think it’s funny to have a surreal photo of him flying like a little angel.  I’m rather pleased with that.  I actually had the sky bright magenta at one point, which I liked, but it really made the little green screen fringe around him more visible, so I kept the sky blue. And I put in sky scrapers along the bottom of the frame at one point, but I liked it more disorienting and surreal without them, so pulled them out.

So today’s cat is finally done! Whew.


12/18/2011 – adding some photos that might be interesting…

the green screen setup

Chaos looking for his motivational treats (isn’t he so handsome?)

Chaos leaping – part of his name is “Superkitty” because he was such an insanely athletic kitten.

Chaos partially cut out – I did a better job later in the process but didn’t save the layer as a separate shot.

The wings I used.

The sky I used.

This was an alternate version. Hubby was pushing for a cape on the cat instead of wings at this point.  You can see how his edges aren’t fully cleaned up here – there’s a trace of green around him.

That’s all.  Just thought I’d add some of the process.


  1. Spider said:

    Nice work! Photoshopping sure isn’t easy. But tis is a picture to print and frame!

  2. Joyart said:

    I don’t know much about photoshop, but the finished product is sensational!

  3. LilaLena said:

    This is crazy! – and so amazing! :D I’m glad you hung on to this project despite frustrating computer software. What a result! (I keep scrolling back up and staring at this angel cat with a huge grin on my face… :D)

  4. Cindy said:

    I’m lovin’ the photo…Chaos does look just like the angel kitty I’m sure he is. Here’s to a job well done :)

  5. Thank you all for your kind words! Perhaps I will forget how much stress I felt creating this and through your compliments, see the good in the project soon. :)

  6. winegums said:

    :) Love this one and how the cat looks slightly unimpressed that it is an angle. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Love your blog! And thanks for visiting my cats! :)

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