Day 100: Felt Black Cat

I saw felting needles in my local craft store and became obsessed with finding out how they work. What do needles and loose stands of wool have to do with felt? So I bumbled around on You Tube for a while and came upon this video about how to make a felted dog, and modified it to make a black cat. (I seem to feel driven to make black cats for the last few days, even if they don’t photograph well.)

She started as a pipe cleaner frame with a little wool wrapped around a leg.

And I kept using the barbed needle to stab the wool and turn it into felt. Kept wrapping on more wool… (it looks like a salamander! Ha ha!)

And added ears and at first, green wool/felt eyes…

But replaced the felt eyes with glass bead eyes.

She really needs a little trim with a sweater shaver. And I’m sure her shape could be better. I started “getting” how to wrap the wool more evenly towards the end of the project, so she’s a little lumpy. But still I’m rather fond of her. She’s light and flexible with glittery green eyes.

Have a great day! And hope you get to have your lap warmed by a nice cat >^.^<

  1. Mary said:

    I love this one. I have been tempted to try needle felting but I have so many projects going on I’ve been avoiding starting new hobbies. Seeing your felt kitty though really makes me want to do it.

  2. I’ve never heard of felting needles…she’s beautiful! Love her glittery eyes and her cool long tail :)

  3. Spider said:

    I’ve never heard of it either, but it looks real cute! That wool sounds (reads) like a time consuming project…

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