Day 101: buttons and bobbypins cat

Tonight’s cat is inspired by Noah Scalin’s challenge to make something from unrelated objects. Inspired by some really messy but sweet hand drawings I saw online tonight, I made tonight’s cat. I am, for whatever reason, the most charmed by its ears.


I added a button body, but I’m not particularly fond of it.


Warning: sick grrrl who probably has a fever going to ramble below. You may want to bail out now and stop reading! Ha ha!

A little under the weather today. Caught the late fall cold that’s going around our neighborhood. Worked this morning. Spent part of the evening looking around at more felting stuff. This guy Victor Dubrovsky is fabulous in Russia. Then I started looking for needle felting videos on YouTube because it doesn’t look like he uses a wire frame except for when he makes long skinny legs. Somehow that led into me watching videos about dreadlocking hair and darn it, I want to dread my hair! It’s super curly and would be easy to do. But sadly not possible with my job. It’s actually in the employee handbook, can you believe it?! Ok… maybe it’s in there because management overheard me planning to dread my hair a few years ago when they were writing the manual. Lesson: I must learn to be more sneaky!! Lol!!

Usually I love looking at other people’s crafts and art and feel inspired. Sometimes I end up struggling with my own paralyzingly trend towards perfectionism. Tonight was a perfectionism night. Maybe because I’m not feeling great.

So I just had to bail out on another felt cat tonight and get down to business and get a quickie done. A deliberately messy cat! Now I’m off to bed to get some much needed sleep to kick this cold’s butt!!

Goodnight peeps! =^.^=

  1. Feel better soon Grubby Grrrl. Your kitty’s ear remind me of stars :)

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