Day 104: Sea Shell Cat

My first guest artist for my blog: my stepfather! We spent the weekend visiting family for the holidays. And I post this in his honor. Though he honestly made this a week ago or so. Enjoy!


This cat’s legs and feet are at the bottom of the photo coming at you, his tail in the upper left and his head in the upper left, with seaweed whiskers.

Thanks for making a kitty for me, Dick!!!

  1. Joyart said:

    Okay, so maybe this isn’t of the same caliber as all of your work, but- it is fun and maybe a start to something better? Or, maybe not! :)

    • Thank you! Hope you enjoyed seeing a guest post :)

  2. I like to do the same thing with items i find laying around in nature. I have posted a few of them on my 365 Swirl blog as part of that project. I have used rocks, stones, pine cones, sticks, and leaves. Kind of fun making art out of ordinary items. Even more enjoyable is leaving the design for someone else to find. Thanks for the cat.

    • Hi Safety Dude! I saw you subscribed to my blog a while ago. And I subscribe to, but I never put the two together! Thank you for visiting and commenting. Isn’t creating stuff just da bomb!? Keep up the good work :)

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