Day 105: Stop Motion Tests

Today I monkeyed around a little with photos of the bag and the cat.  I also made a couple of wires that might be armatures or frames for a cat?

First the wires: the thick I think might be too thick unless it’s a big cat of felt.  The thin is too thin and won’t support much. So, learning experience.

My idea was to find a way to slowly inflate the bag with measured amounts of air. So this is an empty 250 mL medical fluid bag and line.  The line can come out of the bottom and back of the bag and be positioned so it can’t be seen. Then I can inflate it from the long tube with air and a syringe.

Above is what it would look like before inflation.

Unfortunately, 1) the camera and audience can see the end of the fluid bag through the paper bag opening….

… and 2) the paper bag inflates well near its mouth, but not as much deep in the bag.  So, I want to find another bag. Lots of learning going on here. I’m thinking about getting a balloon to use inside the paper bag. Don’t know if I can hook it up to the tube system here or not.  We’ll see.

I also played around a little with one of my felt cats.

I tried out an idea I saw somewhere on the interwebz (sorry I don’t remember whose site anymore), where you have a stand with a wire coming down. Then you measure off the tip of the wire to the body part of interest. You use this to measure how much movement you want with each frame (e.g. I want it to move 1/16th of an inch each time I take a photo).

I set it up…. and the promptly ignored any measuring for my little test.

I have a couple of tiny test videos. I think I need to make a YouTube account and upload them there.  Maybe I can do that in the next week so you can see them if you are interested.

  1. Mary said:

    This is so exciting! good luck.

  2. LilaLena said:

    Woah, that looks like one huge project! You’ve really got some crazy ideas girl! :D Looking forward to the result.
    I hope you’re having fun with it!

    • It is fun. Taking a while but I’m so excited to see a tiny 15 second movie at the end of this. Thank you!

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