Day 106: Stop Motion Tests (make it to YouTube)

I feel like a superstar! Managed to get my stop motion tests to play on my computer, set up a YouTube account for this blog, and uploaded some videos. I love learning stuff. Makes me feel more competent.

And speaking of learning things, I haven’t fully figured out copyright/trademark/creative commons license differences. I want to sit down and really figure them out someday. YouTube asks you if you want to share your videos with a standard YouTube license or a Creative Commons license. It might take a few weeks of reading to wade through all the info and I wouldn’t be putting out cats during that time. I looked for a blog on the topic and came up short. So, it’s gotta wait unless I get some good long days off. Unless any of you know a blog of someone who keeps up on the latest developments?

Life’s been crazy busy (holidays, friends, family, flying squirrels in house, multiple floors being redone in house) so I spent a large part of today organizing emails, photos, etc. But I did a stop motion test with a balloon and the paper bag which worked well and became two of the videos above…

Before inflation showing the set up:

After inflation… actually, probably overinflated. The card in the corner with the hash marks shows how many 60 cc syringes of air are in the balloon. This will help me figure out how much air I need to put in for each shot.

Random: finished my new drafting table… after some delays and mistakes I made. :)

  1. Cindy said:

    I am loving your stop motion videos…looking forward to seeing more. You are the second person in a week that I’ve heard has flying squirrels. Aren’t they the cute little sugar gliders? Maybe not :) Awesome work Grubby Grrrl!

    • The flying squirrels ARE adorable. If they weren’t being killed by the cats and probably chewing through wiring and insulation, I would vote to keep them!

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