Day 109: Bird Strike Prevention Cat

I really hate it when birds fly into our storm door and knock themselves out. A month ago we had two goldfinches (probably chasing each other) smack into the window – really hard. One was stunned enough to let me scoop him up and the second was actually unresponsive and laying on his side, he hit so hard. A few hours in a dark cardboard box with a heating pad and a towel to recover from shock, they both started protesting their captivity and were released.  We’ve tried lights inside the window shining out, we’re about to add a large branch/small dead tree out there to slow their flight as they approach the window, but I wanted to get the cat project involved and put some kind of decal on the window to see if it would help.

Because of holiday craziness, I actually put on the snowflakes a week or two ago and didn’t have time to put the cat on then. And since the snowflakes went up, there has been no bird trauma witnessed.  Woo hoo.  [Wouldn’t my high school English teachers cringe! Starting sentences with “because” and “and”! The horror!… ha ha ha! and the delight! XD]

I hope you can see it in the photo, here’s what it looks like:

We bought the snowflake stencils and spray-on-snow on Amazon as I (crazily) couldn’t find any in our local stores. And I made the cat stencil out of printer paper.  It was actually surprisingly difficult to do this project well.

Today’s lessons:

1. spray on too much snow and some kind of clear water-like liquid runs down from it – yucky

2. too little snow and you can’t really see your design. start over. – ugh

3. as you lift off the stencil, you have to lift it STRAIGHT off or it will be smudged and you need to start over – bummer man

4. after the stencil is off, there will be a spray of snow beyond the edges of the stencil border. be cautious when you wipe the snow off with a moist paper towel because it is very very easy to smudge surrounding snow flakes as you do this… and then you have to redo them. again. and again. and maybe once more if you’re a little clutzy like me

You can see that I smudged the cat’s butt and filled in some extra snow there. That came out okay in the end (ha ha! a pun! … get it? “butt”? “the end”? LOL! okay okay, I’ll stop!) And I smudged the tip of the cat’s tail, but I just couldn’t bring myself to add more snow there because I am certain I would add too much or smudge it cleaning off the extra snow, and have to redo the entire cat. And I just don’t have time for that.  And I don’t think anyone will notice… unless I point it out… as I just did.

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well!

Warning: the below info has nothing to do with cats… so stop here if you want only cats.

Okay, so for those who stayed, this is one of the flying squirrels we had in the house. I walk in the bathroom and this is hanging from the window:

So I close the door and start trying to catch him with a big fluffy towel… the plan was to put him outside. And at one point he ran up my leg and froze there. So, of course, because what is more natural when trying to catch a wild animal loose in your house?… I pull out my phone and take another photo of him (he’s on the back of my left leg here and never tried to bite):

And then as I came at him with the towel again, he ran up me, leapt off my shoulder and landed on a shelf where he climbed up a bottle:

I did eventually catch him in a towel, where again he never tried to bite (unlike those scary, vicious grey and red squirrels we have in upstate NY), and I put him on a big maple tree outside and he scurried up and away. Hubby has blocked their entrance and we’ve stopped finding them in the house.

A happy ending!

Hug a kitty everyone! :)

  1. Joyart said:

    The stenciling on the door is a good idea! We are learning in our new house that the sunroom windows seem to draw the poor birds- Maybe we’ll try a stencil or two.

    That squirrel is really cute, but in the house- no, no, no! Up your leg is scary. So glad he/she didn’t bite. I don’t think I’d want to share the bathroom with a flying squirrel!!! :)

  2. Steff said:

    This post made my day. Maybe even my week.

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