Cat Gifts I received. GrubbyGrrrl creations will be back in February!

I am so touched! A friend of a friend who doesn’t know me, but follows this blog sent me a present over the holidays!  I feel famous!  And very grateful.  And humble.  So, I didn’t create it, but it definitely deserves a post. Complete with cute card and cat related goodness, I got a “Crazy Cat Lady” booklet, complete with solid information like, if you have an orange cat (my cat Chaos is buff orange), “Garfield comics still crack you up. Your ancestors are likely Irish.” [I am of Irish descent!]. And if you have short hair cats (both of mine are), “You could actually see how Michael Bolton could be handsome now that he’s cut his hair.” [Uh, not really.] If you have a long-haired cat, “As a kid, you loved brushing out the tangles in your Barbie’s hair.” [Must be why I don’t have one – I was a destroyer of dolls! Mwahahaha!] There is also a magnetized crazy cat lady with nine metal cats to stick to her. I can see my future now! Ha ha! I am so touched by the gift and the gesture. Thank you B!!!

And my dear friend gave me some earrings which I wore the other day and got compliments on. They are so cute, I wish I could say I made them!  Thanks C!!!!

House renovations, crazy work hours and other life events are rolling along well.  The  cat creations will be back in February! :)

PS If you too want to send GrubbyGrrrl presents or just plain ol’ hard cash, email me for my address!  LOL!  Just kidding!! I entertain myself!

Hope you have a great day! Smooch a kitty!

  1. Spider said:

    *still being patient*

    Hopefully it’s February soon!

  2. blueredie (Dragonclover) said:

    Hey GrubbyGrrrl,

    This is blueredie here. I just finished making two posts. 1. On how I was returning after I had to pause posting my trees on my blog but that I had not stopped making them. 2. On how I have just reworked our living room (after a house move fell through) and bought a massive desk so I would have a special work space. Then I thought “hey I’ll check out the 365 website – oh and I haven’t caught up on grubbygrrrl’s progress in a while” It is so funny that you are going through very similar experiences at almost the same time.

    On the subject of animating your cat. – Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation) by Susannah Shaw is a really good book with great photo references to the explainations. It gives really good advice on building simple and more complex armatures.

    Still loving your cats. They are getting better and better.

    • Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting. :) And I really appreciate the stop motion recommendation! I’ll check it out. Funny you’re taking a break, too. I was nervous at first that I wouldn’t get back to it, but I find I miss it and there is no doubt the cats will continue! Take care!

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