Stop-Motion Progress Day: Starting the Armature

Good to be back creating! Working on today’s project, I had bolt cutters, pliers, wire-cutters all out. It felt more like I should be starting a home improvement project than creating a cat!


I used 18 gauge aluminum wire, folded in half. I anchored one end in a vice and the other in a drill and twisted the wires together. I sketched a cat to give myself an idea of proportions and lengths for the armature, then clipped the double stranded wire a little longer than needed for the three pieces: head-body-tail, front legs and back legs. I twisted the wire around the body three times to attach each set of legs. Looped a head and twisted the end around the “neck.” Clipped the wings off 4 wing nuts. Untwisted the wire at the feet and wrapped them around a wingless wing nut. I applied 5 minute epoxy to the leg and head joints. Tomorrow I’ll set the wing nuts in the foot openings and epoxy them in place too.

I’m totally going from articles, videos and books here. No experience at all. The armature seems more flexible than I think is appropriate for a claymation type character. I hear plasticine is really heavy. I may use a moldable plastic to make parts of the armature rigid and leave joints flexible. I could also make this a felt cat which would be much lighter. We’ll see.

Hug a kitty!!!

And check out the adorable (and accurate) Cat vs Human cartoons about living with cats. Love how sweet and funny they are!

  1. Mary said:

    Glad to see you back!

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