Day 112: Cat o’ numbers

Today’s cat was based on a suggestion from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” to make something using only numbers. I had several other number ideas sketched out. I was thinking of getting those plastic number magnets kids put on refrigerators from a thrift store, but I didn’t have the time today.  I also planned out a little primer with kitties – e.g. “1 cat is the purrrfect number of cats to fit on a lap, 2 is the best number of cats to snuggle,” etc (totally inspired by [but not as funny or clever as] an amazing illustrated alphabet story I saw recently, “The Geek ABC’s.” And then I re-read Noah Scalin’s directions and decided to actually follow them and use ONLY numbers. So this is what I did. Even the (almost legible) “grubby grrrl” in the lower corner is made with numbers.

I love the handmade paper which I’ve had for years and it’s the first time I’ve used it. Yay!  This was a quick one, although I spent HOURS of the last few days doing prep work for other cat projects… and mostly getting frustrated.

1) Voice work: My hubby’s awesome recording set up, with a dynamic mic and pop filter, a new mixer, pre-amp and digital recorder below… which sadly didn’t work yesterday when we set it up. I guess he has the kinks worked out today, but I’ve moved on. I’ve been playing with just recording with the Zoom digital recorder mic without the other parts. I need to work on figuring out the settings and get some blankets up in the room since it’s not a dynamic mic and it sounds like I’m recording in a tin can. Or maybe I’ll have him show me how to use his setup and I’ll record in his office.

2) I did lots of reading on the forums about recording set ups and digital file management for audio books/stories.  Scared myself with Audacity, peeked at Reaper but didn’t want to spend money on it… and found Levelator is amazing simple to use! I may try Garage Band, but I had trouble when I put music under the vocal track. And if none of that makes sense to you – exactly!  Who knew recording a short story was going to be so complicated?  Here’s a peek at an Audacity screen.  I have no idea what most everything on that screen is about or for.
And a screen shot of Garage Band, which is somehow less scary to me:
3) Rug hooking – I’ve been reading a library book about rug hooking.  I had someone give me a rug a few years ago I love which was done with this technique (see Barbara’s dog rug below):
and I’d like to do a cat rug.  Did lots of research online of doing it myself (i.e. buying wool garments at thrift shops, felting and dying them, cutting them into 1/4″ strips – very time-consuming and could become expensive for only one rug) vs buying a kit.  My favorite kit was too expensive for my budget (check out the really cute “Spot the Cat” rug here!) and I ended up settling on a different, smaller, but still cute kit that hopefully you will see complete soon.
4) Stop-motion – I’ve been watching more videos and reading more websites.  I think my next step is to decide on a color scheme and the overall look I want for the tiny short.  I loved the look (and the story) of “Not Without My Handbag,” but I’m floundering a little making decisions. I looked into the book “The Art of Stop-Motion Animation suggested by blueredie which looks great! My library system sadly doesn’t have it, and my budget prevents me from buying it. So in the meantime, I’m trying to decide, Is plasticine going to be too heavy for my armature to support? What could I use that’s cost-effective to firm the “bones” of the armature because Friendly Plastic strips are expensive? Will my cat be able to walk or should I scoot around a little cat who has no legs? Or build a cat with short squat legs? Would a felt figure be flexible enough to sit?  On overwhelm.  So, it’s on hold for a moment. But no worries.  I’ll make some mistakes and bumble along and I’ll figure it out in the end.
5) Metal sculpture – I’ve been batting around the idea of making something large out of metal roofing material, but my lack of metal working skills is setting me back.  I hope you hear more about this in the future.
6) Video – I shot some video of a cat named Ethan. I was trying to get a walking cat to use as a template for my walking stop motion cat.  But my real-life model was goofing off and playing so much, I don’t have much of him walking. But I thought I’d edit together him playing into a short little video, but my videos turned upside down when I imported them into iMovie. Another project I hope to be able to sort out and maybe you’ll get to see soon.
7) Tomorrow’s project – And I started some gluing for tomorrow’s project. I hope I have time to work on it tomorrow because it will be a long workday, so we’ll see.
And I was trying to get to bed by 9:30pm to get 8 hours of sleep – ha ha ha!  It’s 12:35 am now.  Oh well.
G’night folks!
PS I’m fighting the urge to put photos of things like, “Not Without My Handbag” and the covers of books so you don’t have to click on external links, but I want to respect the artists’ rights and copyright laws. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  1. Joyart said:

    All really great things going on! The cat made with numbers is wonderful…

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