Progress – or “why the rug isn’t done yet”

I’m blaming my cat, Chaos. If I sit down to work on this project, he’s either in my lap or on the project (not helpful)….. But he’s so super cute, who could really get mad at him?! (Heartless people only, that’s who!) I have only gotten 3 cats finished in the month of February so far. I do however, blame extremely long work hours. This is usually the slow time of year in my work, but sadly I have been very busy. “I have cats to make, dammit!” is a common thought as I mentally stamp my feet like a child. But enough whining about work! I am still spending hours and hours on the cat project, it’s just all going into the rug which I am really hoping is almost done. (For the love of god, is it done yet?!)

Hug a kitty!!

  1. That’s one advantage of having a studio – no cat-related interference. They unleash it when I get home though lol

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