Cat 117: Cut Paper, Butterfly Stalker

I don’t seem to be able to stop doing cut paper pieces. This “crafting frame” was on sale about a month ago and I purchased it. I like it because it’s small and white-washed. It doesn’t have any glass in it either, which I like. I picked it to work with last night because I want to kick out a few cats relatively quickly.

I started by having my cat pose for me. We actually have flying squirrels living in our wall. And because we’re soft-hearted suckers, we let them stay during the winter. (Now that it’s spring, we will kick them out. They do pee and poop a lot in the wall but luckily, there is no wiring in this particular wall for them to destroy.) Hubby cut a piece of sheet rock out of our wall and siliconed in a piece of plexiglass. Napoleon LOVES this. He spends hours every day waiting for squirrel to run by the “window.” If you tap on the wall, you can make them scurry in the wall and Napoleon strikes this pose, shortly before he pounces on the glass:

And I sketched out my design.

And Chaos helped as he usually does. (I like watching a little stupid TV. Fun!)

I cut out the design and glued it to the white paper this morning.  Another view of the completed project.

And funny, while I was loading photos onto my computer to post this, I was catching up on backlogged Etsy podcasts. Cut-paper artist Rob Ryan came up:

  1. MGW said:

    Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ange said:

    This is fantastic!
    And, I would be very disappointed if Chaos helped in any other way. He is definitely all cat! :)

    • LOL! Thank you! And congrats again on finishing the turtle project! Rock on!

  3. I just love this cut paper piece! (And the plexiglass wall to view the flying squirrels is a rather brilliant idea, too!)

    • Thanks! I have to admit my hubby came up with the viewing window :)

  4. Branka said:

    Hello, omg I can’t believe I just found your blog today. It’s great, I really like it. I’m a cat lady, if you can’t tell. Anyway we are a group of creative souls on FB who all make something during this year and if you would like to join us so we all can follow your journey it would be fantastic.
    Here is our link:

    • Hi! So happy you found me. That’s a great idea to start a FB group as we 365ers are scattered all over various blogs. I’ll definitely check it out. My warning is I am not on a daily schedule *o*. And we kitty lovers have to stay together! :)

  5. Brilliant. You’re dafter about your cats than we are – a viewing hatch to the squirrels lol

    • Thank you! Ha ha “dafter”! American-speak seems so dull compared to UK-speak :)

  6. Steff said:

    I can’t remember the search path I followed to land on your blog, but I couldn’t be happier about having found it! Crazy cat lady dabbling in all kinds of crafts- soul sister! :D If you will excuse me, I have a whole blog to read…

    • Glad you bumbled your way here! Hope you enjoy the posts :)

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