Cat 118: Guest Goldfish Cat

So Cat 115 was a poster I made using information about one of my co-workers. And this is the poster another coworker made about me! Now this is a guest artist post, with a cat specifically made with this project in mind. :)

I feel I need to explain some of the poster: I love Reese’s, anime, donate to the Sierra club, have a goal of getting the Cat Project in the Smithsonian museum (LOL!), loved playing with worms and ponies and mud as a child, describe myself as “analytical, hard-working and silly,” don’t like cleaning the house, couldn’t live without music, my favorite (internet) celebrity is Norm Sherman, I love the chocolate pate dessert at the Arlington House restaurant, have lived in NY and NJ and Philadelphia and Kenya and Tanzania, and my favorite holiday is Flag Day (because it’s my birthday!). Oh, and the saying I would put in a fortune cookie? “Fall down seven times. Stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb”

So this is the kitty my friend made for me! Thanks JK!!! You da bomb!

PS My poster didn’t win the contest – either the one about me or the one I made – which is cool with me because there were a lot of great posters. I loved seeing how different, colorful and creative every poster was! Congrats to the winners!

  1. melissa said:

    This is great! Very thoughtful. Where do you work that they encouraged this? I also appreciate that you lived in Africa. I lived in Ghana!

    • Ghana! That’s on the crazy west coast! Well, at least the sleepy East Africans say the West Africans are more energetic overall. Total stereotyping. Have no idea if it’s based in fact. Cool. I still dream of E Africa , I miss it – I was there in 1991-2. Do you miss Ghana?

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