Cat 119: Big Cat Footprints On Car

Ok. You get the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the bad and ugly. I consider this project a fail, but I apparently want to make you suffer too since I’m sharing it. Ha ha – just kidding!

Started with some window markers I wanted to use. I brainstormed for a while. Decided I could use them to follow Noah Scalin’s prompt to make “a large version of something usually smaller.” What could you find on glass that is cat related? Footprints. Sometimes on a car. So I could make really big tiger-like footprints on my car. Oh so clever and funny as an idea. But not as easy to accomplish. Ahhh, it’s alright. I can’t be fabulous everyday! ;)

Window marker test – indoors, room temperature.

I put my own cats outside to get their feet dirty… (happy cats chased butterflies!!)

and made Chaos walk on my car (it wasn’t hot)… but didn’t get any footprints.

I got Napoleon’s feet a little wet, walked him around the driveway and placed him on the car…
… model footprints achieved!
Then the attempt to make my own big footprints with a marker… fail!!! Not sure if it’s because it was 50 F out or because the window wasn’t cleaned, but the marker died. Couldn’t achieve what I wanted.
Redirected my idea and created a stencil…
Made my own muddy tiger-sized footprints on my car…
which turned out difficult to photograph:
A closeup:
Circled the footprints so you can see where they are (the blue circle are Napoleon’s real cat footprints):
Comparing Napoleon’s prints on the left to mine on the right:
Really, the only way I will consider this project a success is if at work or the grocery store, someone asks me if we have mountain lions in our neighborhood after seeing my car.  Which would be cool… (someone asking that is, not having mountain lions because stealthy-human-stalking-predators scare me.)
Hope you aren’t stalked by a mountain lion!
  1. Noah said:

    I actually think the results are quite nice!

    • Thank you! Maybe I need to alter my idea that something made with mud isn’t “art”? Ha ha!

  2. Mary said:


    • It’s funny how different my perception of my stuff can be from other people’s. Thank you!!

  3. melissa said:

    Nice “fail.” It’s the process, not always the product! (But I know how you feel.)

    • True story. I keep learning from the process! Ha ha ha! :)

  4. Ange said:

    I think this turned out great! Much more ‘realistic’ looking than window writers. You’ll find another use for the markers, I’m sure!

    • Ange, you’re still here! Miss your turtles. And thank you for your kind comments. :D

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