Cat 120: “Blizzard,” an Audio Cat Story

I’m so excited to read y’all a little story today… with a cat in it of course.  If you hang in to the end of it, there are silly outtakes.  Hope you enjoy!

Blizzard by Joyce Lipman, Narrated by GrubbyGrrrl  <– (y’all probably know this,

but just in case, click on the title to play the audio)

My plan is to add music and/or ambient noise and/or some sound effects to it in the future, but for my own personal reasons, wanted to get it out into the universe as a plain solo read now.

Have a great day!

  1. Joyart said:

    You did a great job with this story! So much fun to hear. Thank you

  2. jhv57 said:

    Listened to Blizzard’s story. Reminded me of my cats’ ” baby stories”! Best to you and your furry family. Going to go hug a cat!

    • Yay!! Cat hugging must be perpetuated through through the world! Hahaha!

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