Gift: Catopus Sticker

My friend gave me this sticker today and I probably “squeed” like a little fan-grrrl with delight, I adore it so much. Definitely going on the GrubbyGrrrl-mobile (my car) somewhere. Is it not the cutest thing?!


Other news, I just finished recording a couple of lines for a podcast novel that I love. If & when my lines come out I’ll put a link up here. First we’ll see if the author like & uses them. (I’m working hard to seem all adult & responsible & calm here and not “squee” again like a 3 year old on sugar! How am I doing? Hahaha!) Even if my lines don’t make it in, you may want to check out Guild of the Cowry Catchers by Abigail Hilton. Give it a few chapters to see if you start to like it. Soon you may be as addicted as I am! I used the lines as an acting exercise with my hubby. He was trained in the Sanford Meisner school of acting & does some directing for a living. So we spent several hours breaking down the scene and he directed my acting. Fun but kinda stressful too. Since I really want to do more acting and voice work, it was worth it.

On the home front, I have a close family member who had major surgery a week and a half ago & is having a rough recovery. So during this stressful time, the cat project has slowed down a bit. But, as always it will continue!

Hug a kitty!

  1. Joyart said:

    Good luck with the podcast work!!!

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