Progress – Neighbors’ Kitties

My neighbors have gone away for a few weeks and I’m taking care of their cats. Since J’s worried about leaving them, I told her I would take pics of their cats and text her daily… and work it somehow into a cat project. But here are a few photos of the cute kitties.

Here’s Will night 1.


Here’s Harry night 1…. okay, it’s only his treat because he was hiding.


Here they are snacking on some canned food.


And tonight’s pics.
Harry looking wise.


And Will, “making bread” with his feet.


Thinking I may use one of the apps available to make a collage of each kitty out of all the photos. We’ll see.

In life, my family member is back in the hospital but is doing well as of tonight, I’ve been monkeying around with a voice demo for myself, I’ve been working alot, I’ve been listening to music to put behind the cat story, I’ve been asking my friend to return my block printing supplies, I scored some watch gears for an upcoming clay project and I’ve been neglecting my garden.

So, off to try to wrangle the messy garden back under control & maybe get some tomato plants in the ground by dark.


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