Cat 123: Acrylic Work Art with tiny cat graffiti

Today’s cat was painted during a workshop for my work place. The assignment was to paint
1) one primary color that represents me
2) a second primary color near it that represents my coworkers
3) bring my color into the team color with strokes that represent my influence on them
4) use the third primary color to represent the changes we are making in our workplace & place it where it benefits the other colors
Then all our canvases were placed together (they are each about 4″ x 4″).

So the blue swirly represents me because I think I have a lower energy level than many of my coworkers. And it’s swirly because I don’t think of myself conforming to a particular shape. And I picked yellow for my coworkers because I think of them as cheery and energetic, near me, often supporting me. Red represents the passionate changes & challenging conversations starting at work – changes that need to start in me and in my coworkers so the red is starting outside of us and sprinkled inside us. And I of course put a tiny cat in the corner!

My painting:


All of them gathered:



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