Cat 124: “Blizzard” Story Set to Music

Marked up scripts.

This has been a (mostly) visual blog, so I’m not sure how much y’all will like today’s post, because this is an audio one. But I worked on this project for my own love of audio. I’m one of those people that would rather be blind than deaf. And I’m obsessed with podcasts. Some of my favorites feature stories read with music +/- occasional sound effects in the background. Due to my own fascination with this format, I regularly listen to the “Fullcast Podcast” with Bryan Lincoln and Abigail Hilton. They interview podcasters, authors, producers and sound designers who talk about how they put together podcasts and other productions. My story is a solo read, not fullcast (fullcast is when a different voice actor reads each character’s lines). But I owe all of my limited understanding of audio production to them, which isn’t much at this point due to my inexperience and not their lack of awesomeness.

This “adding music” project took 40+ hours to put together. It started with a search for music I could use legally, reading licensing agreements and listening to hours of songs. Ended up using the music program Smartsound Sonicfire Pro (you have to buy a license to use it – we have one). Then I chose the tracks and edited them into the story. Next I contacted my brother who does AV setups to pay the bills, so I could learn how to set up the mixing board and the digital recorder from scratch because my sound is different in the intro than when I read the story a few weeks before (you can still hear the difference).

Was working with one computer and two monitors that looked like this:

Garage Band and Smartsound and a variety of clips on one computer screen.

Smartsound on the other computer screen.

Hope you get a chance to listen. And I hope you enjoy it!

Do what it says! Click the link below to hear the story.

“Blizzard” cat story with music

Today’s photos were taken with an iPhone using the “Camera Awesome” app and edited with the “Photo Editor” app.

And a little personal update: My free time lately has been spent learning more about finances with the goal of improving my husband’s and my financial situation. So creating cats has been on the back burner, but not forgotten. I’ve been debating whether I could do a week of cats here and there, or a month of cats once in a while. Or I could randomly make cats. I’m not much of a multi-tasker and tend to do best when I focus intensely on one project at a time, but I have really been missing making cats. So maybe I will reboot the project with random cats? Stay tuned to find out.   =^.^=

Hug a kitty!!!!!!!

  1. Joyart said:

    Looking at the computer screens, it seems complicated, but I think you did a great job with the music and the audio portion! You always do rise well to the challenge of a new project- thank you for all your effort and the great results!

  2. Mary said:

    Wow! what an undertaking! I am in awe of this. It sounds so professional and the story was so charming. Great job!

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