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Today’s suggested assignment was to make a cat out of a book.  (Internet was down yesterday so post is a day late, but kitty had achieved existence on the proper day!) I had ideas of how in movies, people cut out portions of pages and hide gemstones and other fascinating valuables there.  For whatever reason in my brain it was important that it be a book with a cat in it and the Cheshire cat has been a lifetime favorite so I bought a copy from a local used bookstore. It came complete with some student’s notes in it. And I found out from the store owner that Alice in Wonderland has been difficult to keep on the shelf since the movie came out.  I lucked out as he had one. Thinking about the cutout portion I wanted to do, I went through multiple ideas…  and big-headed kitty won out.  I like that he’s smiling back at the Cheshire cat as he disappears.