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Today’s assignment: “Work with a collection of objects you have in your home (or borrow a friend’s if you like).”  Blessedly, my husband isn’t much of a collector, as knick knacks & clutter make my skin crawl.  And as you might guess from that comment, I’m not a collector either.  But we do save change from our pockets and bring it to the bank once in a while.  So Collection Kitty grew on our porch before I had to go to work for an evening shift.  He went through a number of phases – head first, added body and tail, added “Meow”, body removed so head and Meow, bigger ears head and Meow, just eyes and nose and Meow. His eyes and mouth changed, his tail changed. I think I like the head alone and the Meow alone best.

I liked the project more than I expected.  I thought the metal would be all shiny and a good contrast to our old farmhouse porch, but in retrospect the grubby silver of the coins doesn’t really “pop” off the worn slate blue.  Ahhh, well. It also was a grey day, so maybe the sun or more elaborate lighting would have made a difference (which ain’t happening! I’m struggling for time as it is peeps!). My mantra for this project, “Progress not perfection.”  So maybe the idea of contrasting elements will come in handy for a future project.