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Some projects take days of research and many trips to the local craft store, and this was one of them. I know nothing about sewing, but I had so much fun doing this! I had to keep going to the store for different color quilting squares (I didn’t even know they existed a couple of weeks ago), different threads, iron-on adhesive (also new to me), a new sweatshirt. I made the decision to use an old sweatshirt because this is kind of a test run. I might actually wear it more often now. And I looked at lots of images to see what I liked, read about how to apply appliqués, watched videos on how to hand stitch. I’m proud to say that’s a back stitch there, folks. Only proud because I didn’t know what a back stitch was few days ago either. This isn’t finished yet, but I think it qualifies as a cat. :)


And I have to give credit for the inspiration to another 365’er, Sanne who is doing a heart-a-day project.

I love her sweatshirt!

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