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Typing this is difficult right now.  Chaos kitty is sleeping between my arms and has his head on my elbow and is jostled every time I need to stretch for the “t” or the “y” key.  Alas, it mustn’t be too hard on him as he’s not getting up and moving on.  Awww, he’s so cute and fluffy!  And now you know why I love cat’s so much.

Today’s assignment was use the first fruit or veggie in sight. And a green apple it is! I like that it looks a bit like someone took a bite to expose him and he’s curious about who’s looking back at him.  I am surprised that this kitty character has shown up a few times now.  I was thinking of more realistic cats when I planned this, but as you know “the best laid plans of mice and men” and all that.  Hope you like it!

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the outtakes (starting at minute 28:30) of “We’re so cute and fluffy!” (at minute 33:00) by Norm Sherman. Even if you can’t commit to the whole story, 30 seconds from 33:00 – 33:30 is worth it! DO IT! NOW!