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I didn’t have a lot of time so yesterday’s shadow cat was more simple.  But I had this idea as well and had the time to try to pull if off today.  The cage and feathers are cut from construction paper, then glued on drawing paper.  The shadow was projected again with a little LED flashlight.  Looking at the flashlight, it actually has about 6 tiny bulbs in it , which I think fuzzed the edges of the shadow a bit.  Oh, well.  The feathers were my favorite part of making this.  I’m thinking shadow cats aren’t for me, unless I get better lighting which isn’t likely to happen.

I like the paper without the cat best.  You can just feel the absence of the cat!

The challenge I took on for today from Noah Scalin’s book was to make something as tall as possible that would stand on it’s own. This project was also inspired by watching this TED Talk with cut paper artist Béatrice Coron.
This project actually took 3 days to complete. The first two days were drawing the pattern and cutting. The last day was spent gluing one layer to the next and letting it dry. Then gluing and waiting again. I had so much fun doing this. The finished building is about thigh high.


And one of Béatrice Coron’s pieces: