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It was such a good day to spend in front of the computer, all cold and snowing outside this morning. I caught up on a big chunk of what I’ve been behind on which just feels like such a relief.  Researched some things for upcoming cat projects.  Actually have a couple of collaboration pieces coming up, which is super exciting to me.  And goofed off with this Draw a Stickman site which I found on Marika Makes’ blog.  I was going to skip a cat again today, but I decided to share this silly sketch. I will only share one, because there is a little story that goes along with the program that everyone goes through, and I don’t want to give it away.  You start by drawing a stick figure in the box and go from there on a little adventure.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!


At a work meeting most of the day. Best way to make a cat? Doodle!!


(And shhh, don’t tell anyone – I’m posting this while still at work! Meeting over and I have about 4-5 more hours of real work to do now.)