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Today my hubby helped me take old Invisible Fence flag stakes and bend them to make a mobile frame (yay recycling!). And I knotted and passed thread through a (freshly made, smaller) origami cat, jasmine flowers and paper stars then tied them on the frame to make this mobile. Voila!

I would say this is a good example of my poor time management skills. On the positive side, I did pick to do this today because I was off, which was good. However, I thought it would take 2-3 hours and it took 5 to 6 hours. How can that be? Anyway, I am happy with the results. It feels peaceful to sit and watch the pieces gently move in the air currents. And other than the thread, it’s all out of recycled goods. Woo hoo. And it’s difficult to photograph, but I think you can see it well enough.


Today I spent several hours making little origami jasmine flowers and paper stars (I’m pretty sure the stars don’t qualify as origami because they are from little strips of cut paper). I need to gather some more supplies and then I will make a mobile from them…. coming soon.

And I include a photo below of some of the “rejects.” The biggest piece on the right is part of a modular origami stella conica.  It’s just so big, I didn’t really like it or feel like finishing it (or have a lot of extra time to). And there is the beginning of a little one in the right foreground. It’s so small (and cute!) but the tabs keep popping out and I can’t get it to stay together – FAIL. And the flowers in the middle are nice, they’re just bigger than I want to use.

And I like that they are all made from waste-paper from where I work. I cut them into large and tiny squares with a paper cutter and origami-land, here I come!Origami cat – see video here

Origami stella conica – see video here

Origami jasmine flower – see video here

Little paper stars – see video here

Today’s assignment was to make something that floated.  I thought of floating candles and a variety of (as usual) complicated things.  On a lunch break at work I made this box with the kitty sketch as a prototype.  I was trying to make the kitty look like he was watching the water underneath him (or maybe a fish).  He’s rather cyclopean, but I actually like him and how he ends up looking at his reflection.  I didn’t even notice it until I uploaded the photo.  So this was going to be a “reject” (I did not do him in waterproof ink even) and ended up being my favorite!

I used to love origami as a kid.  And I have to say, children of the world today, it is SOOOOO much easier to make something following someone on YouTube than from a 1970’s origami book!  This is a cute little kitty I found on YouTube and I thought he would float since his body could hold a lot of air under it. He’s a little top-heavy and his head likes to tip down more than his body.  But hey, he floats.  I’m good with that.
He’s so cute.  You can find how to make him on this You Tube video.  Jo Nakashima who makes him makes a large number other amazing origami pieces!
And he’s made out of super-special glow in the dark paper!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo! (that’s the best part about him)