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I think when I work with water, fire or plant life, it adds beauty beyond what I could possibly create on my own. And my fascination with candles made me happy to see this suggestion from Noah Scalin: make something that lights up.  This is black cardboard taped around a jar with a little votive candle in it.  I made the holes with embroidery needle, then enlarged them with a wooden kabob stick. I made many irregular and tearing holes in the paper before I figured out how to make them even, without ripping the paper. You can see some irregular holes on the bottom kitty.  And as my dear college friend and I like to say, “Good enough!”

And speaking of “good enough,” which is my phrase to combat my tendency to seek irrational and impossible perfection, here’s a quote from Salvador Dali that makes me laugh: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.”  Saw it on this awesome post of great artist’s quotes by chicquero which I recommend checking out.And on the chihuahua front, Bambi the foster puppy is running around and causing trouble (ie playing with cat toys) when given the opportunity. He’ll be a lovely dog for someone when he’s gained some weight. (FWIW – I do not decide his future home. The rescue group who owns him will take care of that part of things, which is a relief.) I put another photo of him up on my Twitter feed if you are obsessed enough to want to check it out – LOL!!

Have a great day peeps!

Noah Scalin’s challenge for today? Work with only white materials on a white background. How did I not notice how chubby I made my cat’s cheeks? Oh well, at least you can tell it’s a cat! Ha ha!

Grubby’s hubby donated part of a white card (I think he uses them to bounce light in his video business) to add thickness to each layer. Sadly, it does not cut very well with an Exacto knife or scissors.  But, it gave depth to the layers so shadows would be created and you can see the different pieces even though everything is white.

This cat took 4 hours. Again, I thought this would be a quick one.  It felt quick as I was doing it, but 4 hours is pretty long.  My perception of time is SO distorted! Ha ha!