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Today’s cat was brewing in my mind – a projection of some kind – for a week or so. But after I saw this TED Talk with French street artist JR, it took a whole new dimension: LARGE! And on the side of our house!

One of Noah Scalin’s suggestions was to make something larger than life-size and this certainly qualifies. I may repeat that suggestion in a totally different way in the future if I have time for it.

I have to say I was both anxious at having the front of our house brightly lit up with a cat photo (as cars drove by) and excited.  Large things have power!

I was thinking of making today’s project make a statement by putting up a photo of a “homeless” cat but I didn’t have any photos of one.  And 10 years ago I found Chaos on the side of the road, a kitten soaked with flea product, a thick layer of flea dirt on him, crying and shivering. Nearby there was a cardboard box someone had probably dropped him off in. I suspect someone local knew I walked my dog every morning and put him there for me to find, but I’ll never know. He was the cutest, insane kitten. So he got the name Chaos, and the rest is history. So maybe if I did a whole project of projected cats, they would all be rescued cats with a story.

Here’s one of JR’s many pieces, which served as my inspiration. His TED Talk is interesting if you want to check it out, the link is above.

Photo fun! Inspired by other bloggers’ beautiful photos, I decided to play, today.

The above photo was altered with the BeFunky app and then labelled with the Labelbox app. Below is the original photo. Chaos wandering outside (with supervision… much to his chagrin! Ha ha!) Both of these apps alter already existing photos.

Not a cat, but I’ll still share it. A dahlia in my garden, complete with bee and butterfly.

And here’s the original. It’s such a bright purple flower, it looks more pink in the photo than the flower does in sunlight.

These are with CamWow – you can pay to get their logo removed from the bottom right corner… I just partially covered it with Labelbox because I’m not loving this app enough to pay money. Napoleon was wandering around, so he was my subject. You choose the effect first, then take the picture with you iPhone with this app.

And another CamWow. (There are many more effects than just these two.) He rather looks like a ferret to me in this picture. Hee hee.

And lastly, PopBooth. Napoleon was the model tonight. (Labelled with Labelbox.) This app takes 4 photos in a row with only a couple of seconds between each shot, then you add the color effect. You can get printed strips on card stock mailed to you, too.

This was a really fun project. My favorites were definitely BeFunky and Labelbox.

I welcome any comments. I’m curious what other people like. And suggest any other apps you like for modifying photos.

Hope you have a great day!

Because I can’t stop, here’s another: