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The assignment today was to make something that is normally not portable into something portable, or at least make it seem portable. This was a puzzle for a while. I tried to think of the largest, most ridiculous, least portable thing in our house and thought of our frig. And imagine if purple clay kitty had such a big appetite, the frig had a lunchbox handle and he used it as his lunch pail… and he was outside going for a walk down a path with his pail…

Then I had to take photos of objects in the same lighting and think about angles and backgrounds which was all new to me… Oh, and then I need to learn how to use Photoshop Elements. From scratch. Never used it before today. It was WAY more complicated than I expected! (Somehow I had the idea that Elements was for the unsophisticated, like me.) I didn’t realize I had gotten in so far over my head, but hubby (photographer and videographer) saved the day! So, the product is not an amazing work of art, but it was a fun thought experiment. And it let me dip my toes in the pool of Photoshop Elements, which was a stretch and good for me. (Need to spend more time on watching those tutorials…) Needless to say this took hours. And I was stressing out trying to watch tutorials and figure out what was going wrong in the middle of it. But I’m really glad I did it.

My hat is off to anyone who uses Photoshop well! I am in awe!!