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Today’s suggestion from Noah Scalin’s book that I used was to make something with my junk mail. I was out on the road visiting friends when I started this. And I chose it because it was somewhat easy to bring junk mail, pens, scissors and glue sticks with me.

As usual, this went through some changes from initial concept to finished project. It was originally going to be a series of white cats this shape all coming out of a mailer photo of mountains and fanning out, but the cats are cut from envelopes and proved too flimsy to stand up. This cat is actually two envelope layers glued together and then glued to card-stock junk mail to give her enough support to lay (mostly) level when the mailer is opened. I did like it without colors and I wish I had taken a photo of that stage. Oh well. Then I decided to use watercolor pencils to make her the same colors as the “other models” on the mailer. And I wanted to make her “pop” a little when you opened the mailer, so I put her on a basic pop-up step.

Not one of the ones I love, but I did enjoy learning a little about pop-ups. Maybe this could have been more elaborate, but I need to get to bed.Not sure how the next two days are going to work out for the cat project. I have two 14 hour work days + 1 hour commute scheduled. We’ll see. I’m hoping to manage to make cats anyway. But if I don’t post anything, never fear! I WILL be back in 3 days! (I know you’re thinking, “whew!” Right?! JK! LOL!)

And I am looking for help. I have an idea for a future project but don’t have it all figured out yet. I am wanting to do voice work and read a short story about a cat, but I need to find a story that’s not copyright protected. So if you know a good site to search or have other suggestions, please pipe up and comment below! I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for visiting the cat project!! Comments always welcome :)


Today I took an exacto knife and cut out a kitty!  I was inspired by the great owls being made in another 365 days of creativity challenge here.  I like how the kitty’s shadow eyes are menacingly (is that a word?) watching from the green wall.  And then the silhouette on red paper reminds me of a little devil.  Every cat has a little devil in them! ;)

And Hello Kitty made this all possible – today in the form of an eraser.