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The suggestion I decided to follow today (from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal”) is to make something under water. Upon reflection, I may have misinterpreted what he meant, so I’m thinking of taking another stab at this suggestion some time in the future, but here is today’s interpretation. I bought the fish bowl at a thrift store for a few bucks and made the cat/fish with Sculpey. It didn’t quite come out as whimsical as I pictured it in my head, but it will do. Partially inspired by Dr. Seuss fish. :)

I was looking on YouTube at what people make with Sculpey – there are some beautiful, amazing pieces out there! And cute ones too!The inspiration from Dr. Seuss:


I have always wanted an excuse to play with those colored clay polymers you can buy in the art supply stores.  No more waiting.  Pink kitty is here!

The assignment was to use clay in way new to me.  I’ve made functional things like clay bowls formed on potter’s wheels and a big 38 pound coiled pot once.  I’m pretty sure I made little ashtrays in grammar school (no one smokes in my family, so who knows what I was thinking), but I don’t remember making just a silly clay form.  And I’ve never played with these colored clays which is just so fun!  The best part was picking which outrageous color the kitty would be. And bonus: the pink has tiny sparkles in it!

As I walked around the craft store and saw supplies for other projects, I kept thinking of other people’s 365 projects too – birds, flowers, owls, etc.  The projects are taking over my brain! … and I like it.


Sept 4, 2011: Clay kitty goes outside for a photo shoot. Doesn’t he look so natural in this setting?! Hee hee! Actually, he looks like a cute but poisonous mushroom trying to lure in the unsuspecting!