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Noah Scalin’s challenge for today? Work with only white materials on a white background. How did I not notice how chubby I made my cat’s cheeks? Oh well, at least you can tell it’s a cat! Ha ha!

Grubby’s hubby donated part of a white card (I think he uses them to bounce light in his video business) to add thickness to each layer. Sadly, it does not cut very well with an Exacto knife or scissors.  But, it gave depth to the layers so shadows would be created and you can see the different pieces even though everything is white.

This cat took 4 hours. Again, I thought this would be a quick one.  It felt quick as I was doing it, but 4 hours is pretty long.  My perception of time is SO distorted! Ha ha!


The suggestion I decided to follow today (from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal”) is to make something under water. Upon reflection, I may have misinterpreted what he meant, so I’m thinking of taking another stab at this suggestion some time in the future, but here is today’s interpretation. I bought the fish bowl at a thrift store for a few bucks and made the cat/fish with Sculpey. It didn’t quite come out as whimsical as I pictured it in my head, but it will do. Partially inspired by Dr. Seuss fish. :)

I was looking on YouTube at what people make with Sculpey – there are some beautiful, amazing pieces out there! And cute ones too!The inspiration from Dr. Seuss:

Today’s assignment did not inspire a finished project image in my head from the beginning. So I started by making a few folds in a piece of paper, deciding that wouldn’t work easily for me. I am no mathematical origami genius (although that would be super cool!). I’m more of a mushing-things-around kinda girl. So I took another piece of paper, ran it under the sink water and started with the kitty’s nose and worked my way back. He kinda came to life as I went. My first attempt looked like a little dachsund with tiny legs. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t qualify as a cat. This is my second attempt. I am (at the moment – check in with me in a week or so) quite happy with him. I did a second wet paper sculpture of a kitty face, but it was rather unrecognizable as a cat or really anything else. So, little jaunty kitty made it as today’s finished project.

My other big challenge related accomplishment (and learning exercise) for the day, was setting up this blog. It will change and morph and develop as I go along, but this was actually quite easy (once I calmed down enough to actually read the directions).