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Final version finally. I like the bright pink against the green. It took a long time to sew the pink letters to their white background with pink thread with tiny stitches. I used 3 strands of my 6 strand embroidery thread to sew the white letter background onto the green and white cat. Going through 3 layers of the iron-on adhesive plus the sweatshirt with the embroidery needle was tough on my fingertips, but somehow I made it. ;)


Off to collapse into bed! Life is mostly cats and work, cats and work lately. Mostly I’m grateful to the 365 cat project for keeping me feeling balanced.


My disclaimer is that this is the first doll I’ve made since high school.  And I was really excited about it when it started a few weeks ago… and then kinda stressed out over the face yesterday.  I picked the fabric and drew the outline for it a few weeks ago.  Had a friend who does a lot of sewing (and has a sewing machine!) put it together. It was fun to involve someone else’s talents.  Then I stuffed it and put on eyes and the nose yesterday and today.  I probably had 5-6 versions of eyes – smaller, bigger, rounder, all felt, different buttons.  I think I like this version the best. I learned before you put in stuffing, you should sew the buttons on, then sew on the felt.  I did not do this and so they are glued. I’m wondering how soon they will pop off.  The nose is sewn on now because the glue already let go.  LOL!  It’s a learning process! And at some point, I decided he didn’t really need a mouth or whiskers, right? Probably looking at a book to get some suggestions first would have been helpful, but that’s too easy! Overall, I’m pretty happy with it for a first try in years.

The back side is yellow.It’s surprisingly large!  How did I do that?And here it is, hanging with Wonky Doll (who I love, but did NOT make).The idea for a fabric doll came from looking at some of the Owl A Day creations by another 365 creator, like this super cute pincushion and this awesome finger puppet.