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It was such a good day to spend in front of the computer, all cold and snowing outside this morning. I caught up on a big chunk of what I’ve been behind on which just feels like such a relief.  Researched some things for upcoming cat projects.  Actually have a couple of collaboration pieces coming up, which is super exciting to me.  And goofed off with this Draw a Stickman site which I found on Marika Makes’ blog.  I was going to skip a cat again today, but I decided to share this silly sketch. I will only share one, because there is a little story that goes along with the program that everyone goes through, and I don’t want to give it away.  You start by drawing a stick figure in the box and go from there on a little adventure.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!

I welcome your opinion!  These kitties are a step in an upcoming project.  I have no favorite at the moment. I was just churning out ideas. But I need help picking one to take to the next level.  It will be a while before you see the finished product, but I wanted to get started today.

I didn’t get as far in the process as I planned, because I unexpectedly took in a foster chihuahua puppy today, which added a few hours of chores to my day (non-cat photos at the end of this post for the interested).


And here is Bambi, the chihuahua puppy.  The rescue group I adopted Napoleon from does an amazing job rescuing really nice dogs and cats who need help. This puppy just recovered from parvo, but is having some trouble gaining weight. So he’s now in my house and will come with me to work, where he can get more food and attention than with the whole group of puppies he was with and hopefully thrive.  (And yes, Bambi IS a boy. My disclaimer: I did not name him! LOL) When he’s doing well, he will head out into the world to a home that will permanently adopt him.  He is very cute, but my cats are going to be stressing out once they realize he’s here.  He had a big day and is only sleeping so far, but that won’t last long!  (Sorry the photos are blurry – he’s nervous and I took them with my phone.)

Wish Bambi luck! He’s a little boney rail of a boy!


So these cats are sketches, a step towards the next complete cat.  This is one of those days when I’m not quite sure what to do as far as counting it towards the 365 days.  Do I number this as its own day? Is a progress day I could post but not give it its own number?  What I decided was that these cats are their own creations in their own right, so they get their own day.  One of these sketches may or may not become tomorrow’s cat.  As usual, with my poor sense of the passage of time, I thought I could do sketches and complete the full cat in a few hours.  Alas, I was wrong! Oh so wrong! LOL!

I am curious what cat everyone favors.  In the end, there will be color added to the designs to complete the project, if that helps to know.  I may or may not use everyone’s voted up cat, but I am curious what you think, so I’m adding a poll at the end of this.

First tiger cat (above)Geometric cat (above)Tiger cat with stripes (above)Tiger cat with triangles (above)Whimsical cat (above)Circle-square-triangle cat (above)Contour cat (above)

For other blogger’s using WordPress, their new top bar and updated app are pretty sleek and sexy, aren’t they?

Today I was a total REBEL!! and I didn’t even attempt the assignment given. I’ve been feeling like I am lacking in my knowledge of the basic structure & proportions of cats. So I reviewed that a bit with sketches for myself. Breaking the rules is fun and important and stimulating in art, but I think it’s a good principle to know your basics and make a conscious decision to veer off when you want to. For the love of God, I don’t want to be making disproportionate cats unwittingly!!! (Although this cat’s right eye is higher than his left.  Perhaps he was stepped on as a kitten?!)

I’m liking this daily challenge. I’m trying to figure out if it would benefit from any tweaks to keep me doing it long term.  I’m realizing I love cats, but do I love cats in “art” vs cats in “real life?”  I rather like monsters and people in art… but can I do a year’s worth of them?  Hmmmm.  I’m considering upgrading to a 30 day commitment and if all goes well, a 365 day commitment.  I have things to ponder. And this is good. Walking into uncertainty and not running away makes you stronger!

I’m also a stinkin’ hour late getting to bed. I’ve been fussing with WordPress and trying to figure out how to load multiple pictures, what is a “featured photo” or a “blog photo/icon?” Oh, I’ll kick this program’s butt!!! LOL! – Ok, more likely IT will take ME down!

But honestly, I’m pretty amazed at how much I’ve been able to do with WordPress just diving in and mucking around by myself.

^ Rawr!!! Maybe my favorite sketch for the night.