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Ok. You get the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the bad and ugly. I consider this project a fail, but I apparently want to make you suffer too since I’m sharing it. Ha ha – just kidding!

Started with some window markers I wanted to use. I brainstormed for a while. Decided I could use them to follow Noah Scalin’s prompt to make “a large version of something usually smaller.” What could you find on glass that is cat related? Footprints. Sometimes on a car. So I could make really big tiger-like footprints on my car. Oh so clever and funny as an idea. But not as easy to accomplish. Ahhh, it’s alright. I can’t be fabulous everyday! ;)

Window marker test – indoors, room temperature.

I put my own cats outside to get their feet dirty… (happy cats chased butterflies!!)

and made Chaos walk on my car (it wasn’t hot)… but didn’t get any footprints.

I got Napoleon’s feet a little wet, walked him around the driveway and placed him on the car…
… model footprints achieved!
Then the attempt to make my own big footprints with a marker… fail!!! Not sure if it’s because it was 50 F out or because the window wasn’t cleaned, but the marker died. Couldn’t achieve what I wanted.
Redirected my idea and created a stencil…
Made my own muddy tiger-sized footprints on my car…
which turned out difficult to photograph:
A closeup:
Circled the footprints so you can see where they are (the blue circle are Napoleon’s real cat footprints):
Comparing Napoleon’s prints on the left to mine on the right:
Really, the only way I will consider this project a success is if at work or the grocery store, someone asks me if we have mountain lions in our neighborhood after seeing my car.  Which would be cool… (someone asking that is, not having mountain lions because stealthy-human-stalking-predators scare me.)
Hope you aren’t stalked by a mountain lion!

So after I did Stencil Kitty, I knew I wanted to make a stencil on a T-shirt. And today was the day!  I decided I needed to make a new kitty design, so Lazy Kitty came into existence.  Mostly because that’s what my real life cats are like and I’m jealous!  I had bought some fabric paints a few weeks ago and a white T-shirt. I cut the stencil out of salad containers in our recycle bin.  And stamped the pattern first onto a practice old T-shirt…Then worked on the new T-shirt, tipping the kitty down on the left side a little more so he looked less “dead”…and then I had a t-shirt.Things I learned today:

1) This process takes a long time from start to finish.  I think it took about 4 hours or more?

2) I wish I had some black paint to make the words and the cat, then do the stars in silver glitter

3) This kitty probably would have benefited from some legs sprawling open to make him look more relaxed and less “amikufa” (Swahili for “dead,” of course. Doesn’t everybody know this?! Just kidding!).

4) There must be a way to prevent the paint from seeping out around the stencil… huh, I guess that’s one thing I did not learn today. :)

5) It would be much easier to make the stencil out of one piece of plastic, not multiple small moving ones.

Funny, today was a day when I really struggled to get an idea for a cat.  And then I really had to push myself to start.  Once I started, it rolled along well. Interesting to see how my brain works.

That is a “true bug” (Hemiptera) visiting today’s kitty!

The assignment was to make a stencil and use it in my art.  In retrospect, I just put the stencil on an everyday item so maybe stumbled there from what the intended assignment was, but anyway….  The first item that came to mind was a pillow case because it would be so cute to sleep next to a yawning kitty!  Alas, I had no extra pillowcase that I was willing to sacrifice and spray paint. So I sprayed one of my notebooks. I think if I had a big stack of notebooks, I could have improved the technique. But, it’s all good.

I have to say that I love the idea of everyday items and art. Of art that’s useful.  One of the podcasts I enjoy is Design for the Real World for this reason. And look, big-headed kitty showed up again!  I’m kinda diggin’ him.

And I made a little window decal for my old-lady car. Yay!

Also today I fussed more with my WordPress theme.  Trying to find one that is simple, will show a single photo on the home page, but you can click-through to read text and see the rest of the gallery.  I also want it to be “in the cloud” so if I travel this year I can upload projects from the road. *sigh* So far each theme isn’t quite right.  If only I wasn’t so picky!  But I also want to sort out the format early on before I have to go back in and fuss with all the settings for old posts to make it look good.  But it’s all good.  Learning is fun if sometimes painful and/or time-consuming.