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The assignment for the second day (yeah yeah yeah, I’m a little out-of-order from Noah Scalin’s text), was to make something small from items at hand. This is my paper clip kitty. I think this was my 3rd attempt out of 4.

Today’s lesson: Paper clips are hard to bend. I had images in my brain of shiny silver wire curly cues and a silhouette of whole cat leaping or one standing 3D but alas, I seem not to have the tools to do it. As I was photographing this at night on our slate kitchen counter, my husband walked by and said he liked it. And I thought I was just settling for getting something done for the day.

Other random things I have learned:

  • it is very difficult to type one space after a period after a lifetime of typing two.
  • you can easily add a poll to a wordpress blog & polls are fun!