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That is a “true bug” (Hemiptera) visiting today’s kitty!

The assignment was to make a stencil and use it in my art.  In retrospect, I just put the stencil on an everyday item so maybe stumbled there from what the intended assignment was, but anyway….  The first item that came to mind was a pillow case because it would be so cute to sleep next to a yawning kitty!  Alas, I had no extra pillowcase that I was willing to sacrifice and spray paint. So I sprayed one of my notebooks. I think if I had a big stack of notebooks, I could have improved the technique. But, it’s all good.

I have to say that I love the idea of everyday items and art. Of art that’s useful.  One of the podcasts I enjoy is Design for the Real World for this reason. And look, big-headed kitty showed up again!  I’m kinda diggin’ him.

And I made a little window decal for my old-lady car. Yay!

Also today I fussed more with my WordPress theme.  Trying to find one that is simple, will show a single photo on the home page, but you can click-through to read text and see the rest of the gallery.  I also want it to be “in the cloud” so if I travel this year I can upload projects from the road. *sigh* So far each theme isn’t quite right.  If only I wasn’t so picky!  But I also want to sort out the format early on before I have to go back in and fuss with all the settings for old posts to make it look good.  But it’s all good.  Learning is fun if sometimes painful and/or time-consuming.