Day 99: Clay Cat – realistic

So… today’s cat was going to be part of an upcoming more elaborate project. Alas, it was not to be so. This is definitely a year of learning lots. (This apparently does not include grammar :) ). For instance, I learned if you want to have a  polymer clay figure that can stand and you want to be able to move it:

1) if there is no wire and you have skinny “legs” on your project, it will collapse, and

2) if you put a wire in, your wire can’t be too thick – otherwise, when you push to make it move, you have to push so hard the clay deforms.

The wire in the hind legs of this cat were unfortunately too short and every time I tried to stand him up on his own, his back feet broke off. So I had to “hang” him by his tail and bake him.

It is rather embarrassing how long it took me to sculpt him. Maybe 6-8 hours? I had to finally stop fussing, just to be done with the project – fighting perfectionism. The wire in his head prevented me from tilting his head up, he’s covered in finger prints, every time I work on a back leg to smooth it more the wire starts to show.  Like I said, no chance of being perfect here! LOL

I also learned,

3) it would be better to sculpt a clay figure while it is held up by some kind of supporting base or wire so you only have to touch the part you are working on. Because I was holding the body in one hand and working on another area with the second-hand, I kept disfiguring areas I had already “finished.”

Oh well, it’s all good. I really do love this project, even when things don’t work out like I planned. I’m learning what art/creating I actually like to do.  Eight hours of Photoshop = torture. Eight hours sculpting clay = fun. But you know, I’m really stubborn and don’t like to be defeated by anything and I find myself thinking of more Photoshop projects… masochist? persistent? You decide! Ha ha! I also hope that once I find the things I like to do and practice them, I’ll get better.  These are really all first attempts and kinda suck.  But I’m good with that too.  Just happy to have creativity in my life again. Thanks Noah Scalin!

And Noah Scalin fans, if you didn’t know already, he was interviewed on the Accidental Creative podcast again if you want to listen here. He rocks!

And wow, the next cat will be #100.  It’s going so fast!!! Nothing grand planned. Not even sure what or when it will be at this point.

Thank you for checking out the cats!

  1. Joyart said:

    Who knew it was that difficult to make a polymer cat! In any case, he looks great and once again, kudos for your dedication!

  2. Mary said:

    Love the clay cat. Adorable! At the rate you are going you will pass me on my bird a day/when I feel like it project! lol

    • Lol! Just as long as you keep going because I like your birds! :) And thanks!

      • Mary said:

        Oh, I will keep going. Just triyng to get some holiday knitting done also. :)

  3. Noah said:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! I love what you’ve been making and look forward to what the next 100 bring! Congratulations on making it so far already.

    • Thank you! And thank you for all the inspiration!!

  4. Gina said:

    You can make hinges for the limbs by poking wire into the clay before itis baked. I use the curved ends of paperclips, cut off with wire clippers. Once the clay has cooled, pull the wires out, thread one through the other and superglue them back into the holes. Gina.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I am sorry, I am a little confused about the holes though… are they through the center of the, leg up and down the length? Or through side to side, one hole close to the body and one hole closer to the toes? Do you put thread back into them or wire? Maybe I need a picture. Sorry I am obtuse :). I am still grateful for your attempt to help.

  5. Ange said:

    This looks fantastic! You did an amazing job, even if it took wayyyy longer than you had planned.

  6. Simplecasper said:

    This is awesome! Have you considered selling these? Email me if so!

    • Thank you! Im not selling because it takes me a long time to make items, since each is unique, and I would need to charge too much. But if I change my mind or break up the collection, I’ll send you a message. Thanks for asking. You made my day! :)

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